From the Valley to the Sea

Being raised by immigrant parents from Oaxaca, Mexico my siblings and I were privileged enough to always have an annual trip to the Central Valleys of Oaxaca. We are a total of five siblings, three boys and two girls; as diverse in personality as the cultural richness of our roots. Despite our different personalities we are as united as they come, love is the core of our bond, family-oriented is our culture. 

We are proud to have parents whose story is based on humbleness and hard work. They were raised by devoted farmers who gave them the perseverance to pursue the American dream through entrepreneurship in order to leap an entire generation forward. Our parents are the prime example of "work-ethic," and we are very proud of them. 

It is now our turn to take a leap. We have learned and have been taught by multiple professors in our respected majors but the greatest lessons were by our parents, grandparents (RIP), and aunts/uncles; in other words, by our family. We have learned the meaning of honoring those that came before us through our actions. Everything we do, everything we say, is a representation of those that are no longer with us physically. We have learned to value our roots and through that value the roots of others, because everyone in this world has something beautiful to offer. 

We are proud to have been raised by parents from the Valleys of Oaxaca just as much as we are proud to have been raised by the Seas of California, but most of all we are proud to call ourselves Oaxacan-Americans!

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